Be First a Good Animal

Meditatio Ephemera

I’ve just let the cats and the hens out with the usual instructions: Have fun. Be careful.  Don’t get hurt. Don’t hurt anyone else (this to the cats, who have the usual unholy feline interest in wild birds).

They don’t listen:  They are off to revel in the joys and risk the dangers of their own animal lives.

Their existence apart from me is largely a mystery: too simple to be apprehended by the endless machinations of a human mind and too complex to be appreciated by my relatively impoverished, under-utilized physical senses. When we are together, though, I feel nourished in a way I usually don’t with members of my own species.

Here I will avoid waxing romantic about unconditional love and otherwise anthropomorphizing animals, who deserve better than to be likened to humans. In truth, I have no idea how my cats and chickens feel about me. feet 005

But this much I know: My…

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